Lady Sol® Lodge
Lady Sol® Lodge is the unique product within the stand-alone solar power systems.
Use the sun!
It provides the perfect solution for remote rural areas where the electricity grid does not reach, such as cottage or log-house etc. and where the property owner does not want to place any solar panel on the roof.

How does the Lady Sol® Lodge work?
The solar panel is placed about 6 metres above the ground and the solar power generated by this system is stored in batteries that are charged during the whole week (up to 12 kWh of energy). The saved energy is sufficient for usage of al electricity equipment or lighting during your stay at the cottage.

Installation of Lady Sol® Lodge
The solar powers supply is independent of electric power distribution network. Solar system do not require wiring or other complicated installation tasks. It is not necessary to perform any excavation work and there is no need to worry about construction permit or right of way problems. For Lady Sol® Lodge solar system installation you only drill a hole in the ground, set in a concrete anchor tube and insert the body of the supply, you just follow the building instructions.

Lady Sol® Lodge can be delivered in variety of colours, tailored to fit customer needs.
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Use the sun!
Benefits of Lady Sol® Lodge
  • Reasonable use of natural sustainable resources – environmentally friendly solution for remote areas where there is not possibility to reach the electricity grid.

  • Easy set up – no need to change your property set up (fixing the standard solar panels on roof or similar).

  • Tailor-made – we do standard products, however everry Lady Sol® Lodge is tailor-made to our client’s requirements as for the specific location, expected performance and look.

Energy Performance / Electrical Current
3 kW / 230 V / 50 Hz (60Hz)
150 kg up to 450 kg
Work Environment Temperature
- 40 °C up to + 60 °C
Hours of operation
1 W / 1 000 full days
6.7 m
Basic capacity of Battery
100 Ah up to 2 000 Ah