Why Lady Sol?

Lady Sol® company offers not only strong product range, 
but also excellent services to meet all client needs.


Lady Sol® Services
Project planning tips
Lady Sol® Services
Final placement and installation of custom
Lady Sol® Services
Project & implementation consulting
Lady Sol® Services
Special help in preliminary work
Lady Sol® Services
Advice on matters of design
Lady Sol® Services
Training in work practices
Please note that we also offer a range of other support services and we will be happy to discuss individual solutions.
Founder & Inventor
Milan Rebec

… graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Department of Automated Process Control Systems. He was working 23 years on automation systems in cement industry Prachovice (1973−1986), Hranice na Moravě (1986−1993), Radotín (1993−1995). In between years 1989−1993 he was the head of the cement plant Hranice. After the year 1995 he spend 21 years of experience in Siemens automation in various positions. During years 1996−2004 he introduced the modern distributed process automation system SIMATIC PCS7 into the Czech Republic’s glass industry, pharmacy, chemistry, cement industry. After the year 2010 he established Lady Sol, L.t.d. started with the development and implementation of small sports solar systems. From the year 2017 he is working on the implementation of hybrid solar systems for Africa.

Commercial Director
Etienne Samoura, MBA

…was working at TIC CTU Prague (formerly BIC CTU), he has held the positions of a professional consultant, advisor for small and medium-sized enterprises; of the Head of Dept. of Transfer of Technology and Information – consultancy and project management, proposals of national and international projects. For a period of six months, he was the Acting Director of Business Innovation Centre (BIC) of CTU Prague Holds a certification of Agency of the Czech Republic for Business Development and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, for the issue of small and medium-sized enterprises and management consulting. Etienne Samoura graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, majoring in Economics and Management. He received the Master 2 M.A.E. degree after having completed a postgraduate course on Master Management et Administration des Entreprises at L’Institut Franco-Tchèque de Gestion, the University of Economics in Prague and Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3.