Hybrid system for use in Burkina Faso

Finally, we delivered and installed a 50kVA hybrid solar system for an apartment building in Burkina Faso

Solar Académie, Kassel

We take part in Solar Academie held in Kassel, Germany. Amazing experience.

Burkina Faso is ready

Lady Sol® built a hybrid system for use in Burkina Faso

Our Solar Solution

Ranger Power Systems

Lady Sol® has developed a high-performance solar power system suitable for use in extreme climate conditions.

Street Light Systems

Lady Sol® develops and supplies solar lights of northern and southern type, that have no special need for external battery charging.

Lodge - Stand-alone Power Systems

Lady Sol® Lodge is the unique product within the stand-alone solar power systems.

Micro Power Systems

Portable power solar systems for trekking and expedition designed for use in mild climate.

Water Pump Systems

Lady Sol® Pump is the unique product within the stand-alone solar power system for water pump.

Hybrid Power System

Hybrid solar systems generate power in the same way as a common grid-tie solar system but use batteries to store energy for later use.

Why Lady Sol?

Lady Sol® company offers not only strong product range, 
but also excellent services to meet all client needs.


Lady Sol® Services
Project planning tips
Lady Sol® Services
Final placement and installation
Lady Sol® Services
Project & implementation consulting
Lady Sol® Services
Special help in preliminary work
Lady Sol® Services
Advice on matters of design
Lady Sol® Services
Training in work practices
Please note that we also offer a range of other support services and we will be happy to discuss individual solutions.


We teach

We provide training on solar products.


We care

We guarantee fast and uncomplicated handling of warranty claims.


We help

We provide assistance when applying for subsidy.

The benefits of Lady Sol® Products

Lady Sol® company offers strong quality and well certified products. 
You get the energy without the incredible roar of engines and the flue gas and fuel smell.

Solar Power Devices

  • Solar source is constructed and designed for maximum efficiency in a given climate.

  • It can be tailor-made to fit your specific wants and needs.

  • It works anytime and anywhere - in the extreme conditions of heat and frost.

  • No matter where you go, using Lady Sol ® Solar Power Devices you always stay environmentally friendly, connected to renewable energy source and do not engage in pollution of the environment.

Solar Lamps

  • We provide long-term technical expertise for leading organizations.

  • Excellent ratio of price – power – benefits

  • Temperature and weather resistance

  • Systems are adjustable to the operation, environment and customer demands

  • All components are certified

  • Long warranty period for products and components

  • The sales and service network covers the whole territory of Czech Republic

  • Consultancy on direct subsidies and other fundings